Accident Detail Receipt
Date And Time 01-Jan-1970 / 5:30 am
Place of Accident dhule baypash vadjai shivar dhule
CR NO/ TAR No/ SDE NO 115/2017
Name of the Injured/ Deceased nandlal kashinath sadunke
Name of The Hospital to which he/she was removed sivil hospital dhule
Number of vehicle and type of the vehicle RTO-dhule
Name of address of driver of the vehicle with perticuler ordriving license of the said driver and the address of the issuing Authority of the said driver license. The number of badge in case of public service vehicle and the address of the issuing Authority of the said badge. mukti tal dist dhule
Name of the owner of the vehicle as it stand on the date of the accident dhule
Name and address of the insurance company with whom the vehicle was insured and the divisional office of the said insurance Company. RTO dhule
Number of Insurance Policy/Insurance Certificate and the Date of the validity of the insurance Policy /Insurance Certificate --
Action Taken if any, and the result thereof. tapasavar

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